A summary of the used technology


  • java
  • Apache
  • Tomcat

iVIS is a base platform for school administration with:

  • Hibernate framework for database integration
  • Spring java framework
  • MySQL database
  • Defined APIer json
  • Defined APIer XML/Soap
  • Autenthication via SAML2 protocol
  • Connection to Open ePlatform (web based eServices)

The base platform contains all data that is used by the connected services, e g pupil/parent data. The platform itself is a container that does not manipulate data. This is done by the services that are calling the system via the standardised API.​

The project intends to use as many defined standards as possible. E g the SIS-standard TK450 for pupil/school information.

​The administration of the system is done via the same APIs that all services use. By using the same APIs for manipulating data on the highest security level, the project is forced to create a fully working complete and secure setup of API calls, or the system itself will not work.