This is IVIS

This is iVIS

Swedish: iVIS [eveĀ“s]
innovativt Verksamhetsystem i skolan

Translation - innovative Business system in School


The project is implemented as the swedish municipality association Sambruk for many years heard the representatives of the Swedish school system and the public sector, describe the major problems with their ICT-based business systems. These are described as outmoded, outdated, locked in, hard to change, can not coexist with other systems etc.

There are two major, and several smaller, school administrative systems used in Sweden today. None of them are characterized by openness and innovation.

In a report by the Swedish Competition Authority this picture is confirmed. They show that lock-in effects create a situation where it is difficult for the public sector to switch suppliers. Municipalities often find themselves in a situation where the supplier, as soon as the system is installed, creates a de facto monopoly situation. Which in turn causes slow development and unnecessarily high costs.


The project iVIS want to create a completely open, modular school administrativ system, that has no restrictions in its communication with the outside world. The system is modular and has open interfaces.

The intention is to build both a basic platform with personal authentication / security and 2 services (i e 2 modules) as a first step to a complete administrativ platform.


In this phase of the project, the project will not create a complete school management system, but a fundamental platform with two services not found in other systems today. The intention is to continue the project and later to build more services onto the platform.


The project aims at providing the school direct and complete control over their own IT infrastructure. Today the existing suppliers control the use of the information. It is not acceptable that the school is prevented fromt using their own information in a way that suits the school best.

The project simply wishes to shift the power over the information from proprietary vendors to those who use the information daily.


The project creates a basic system characterized by:

  • Transparency - the platform is built as an open system
  • Modularity - all user views and most of the logic is built in small, discrete, functional modules that are outside the platform. These can be created, altered removed without the basic platform needs to be modified.
  • Mobility - for use via mobiles / plates.
  • Cloud-based services - provides higher stability, availability and flexibility.

This is done in a collaboration between technology developers and target groups of teachers, pupils, parents and staff.

The involvement of new groups

The project would also create an opportunity for groups of teachers / students / parents and new suppliers to directly create new functionality that uses the platform's data - an environment for user-driven development.

The intention is to make it possible for a number of suppliers and for teachers / students to create further services that the school requires, without having to consider the suppliers' lockdowns of software and systems.