Welcome to iVIS

The innovative Business system in the School

The project iVIS want to create a basic ICT platform for a fully digitized school. iVIS wants to solve the problem of the proprietary and closed solutions available today, by creating an open platform without lock-in effects, neither technical nor contractual. This is done by an open platform that will allow any supplier to develop new modules, mobile apps, etc.

The project is run by the association Sambruk (109 municipalities and Regional Governments) along with imCode Partner AB. We run it as an open source project, where all documentation is freely available. The system developed will be under AGPLv3 license.

But the project is much more than a piece of software. We think outside the box to solve the problem of lock-in and lack of interoperability in public systems. Therefore, the project also has a broader meaning when it comes to any form of public ICT.

The project was until 2016-07-30 financed by VINNOVA (Swedenes Innovation Agency), Sambruk and imCode. 

Now the project continues financed by Sambruk, imCode and Almi.

Our latest development - iVIS School Cloud - is described here.