Service: iVIS School Cloud

iVIS School Cloud

Currently there is a shortage in the possibility for schools to create file storage for students and teachers. Many schools have not solved the problem, but allow users to solve it the way they want, which often leads to students and teachers using various free services like Google Docs and Dropbox.

The problem with these services is that they do not meet the EU requirements for data storage of personal data within the EU, that they inact are illegal to use.

It is also difficult for schools to get an overwiev over the usage, because they have no access to statistics or transparency.

Our solution

Our solution is to connect an open-source based file storage platform (NewCloud) as our school platform..

The green bar field above is, the existing iVIS platform with the services that are finished. The yellow bar is the project iVIS School Cloud. The system is built on NewCloud (file storage and collaboration workspace) associated with the existing iVIS platform.

It will be a "dropbox like" storage where everyone can store their own documents in a Swedish environment. The system will satisfy both EU regulations and the Privacy Act.

The project iVIS Cloud School is thus a pairing of two open-source software-based products for:

  • common authentication
  • the opportunity to co-administer the school and file storage
  • give students and teachers access to an efficient workspace
  • create opportunities for collaboration in the document by the built-in editing tools (corresponding to Google Docs)

Fills a gap

According to the expertise within the school / IT we have spoken to is the lack of a legally correct file storage a critical factor for many municipalities. They simply do not know how to solve the problem.

There is also no other actors that specifically address this issue.

A file storage in the iVIS platform would be possible to sell immediately, thus iVIS would begin to spread in Swedish schools. This makes it easier to subsequently add new services.

Delivery time

iVIS School Cloud wil be available after march 2017.