This is the english summary for the Vinnova project application.

Vinnova is the Swedish Innovation Agency

Inovative Business Logic System for the School

Representatives of the Swedish school system and the public sector have long described the major problems with their IT- based business systems as: outmoded , outdated , locked in, hard to change , can not coexist with other systems etc.

The swedish FCA clearly shows the seriousness in a study of Richard Wessman (Dr of Laws). Among others he points out that the lock-in effects create a situation where it is difficult for the public sector to change supplier. Municipalities often end up in a situation where suppliers, as soon as the systems are installed, will have a de facto monopoly .

Any aspiration to increase the speed of digitization in the Swedish School, is efficiently blocked by deficiencies in interoperability, lack of user-centered development and strong both legal and technological lock-in effects.

We want to create a platform for a fully digitized school. The defining characteristic is that the platform ́s core is open and cannot create either technical or contractual lock-in effects. The project aims at giving the school direct and complete control over their IT infrastructure with:

Openness - the platform is built as an open system
Modularity - all user views and most of the logic is built into smaller, distinct, functional modules that are outside of the platform. The modules can be created, altered and removed without any need of modification of the basic platform
Mobility - for use via mobiles/pads .
Cloud -based services - provides greater stability , responsiveness and flexibility.

The project will also create an opportunity for new developer groups as teachers / students / parents and new suppliers to directly create functionality that uses the platform ́s data - an environment for user-driven development. 

This application was accepted

The application was accepted by VINNOVA with a contruíbuton of 1,8 milj SEK during 2015 - 2016.